News Summaries

New website design is live

alt="[Michaelangelo creation]"

I decided that the new version of the site, while still somewhat
incomplete, is enough better than the old version, that I should flip
the switch.

The dns will take a while to propagate, but by this afternoon, it should be working.

Please let me know what you think. And especially if you are having problems finding what you want.

Come, drink to me

This is a Ravenscroft
drinking round that we'd never sung before, although I've had it
in the notebook in someone else's transcription for a while.
One reason it isn't more popular is that it's pretty hard.
Also, as written, it has a range of more than two octaves. The
other transcription made that less obvious by switching clefs in

Blog posts are now popular, too

I've have now published the page that lists the post on this blog by popularity. I don't think this means as much as the similar page on the blog does, but I like looking at it because it proves that someone reads what I write. So there's no reason you shouldn't look at it too, if you want to. It's called "Stats" under the "Serpent Publications Blog" section of the site.

Bona Speranza

One of the books I inherited from my friend Bonnie
was a facsimile of Antony
Pavans, Galliards, Almains, and other short Æirs both grave, and light, in five parts, for Viols, Violins, or other Musicall Winde Instruments
I had put up transcriptions of a few of these pieces based on the versions at the Werner