Crequillon, Ravenscroft, and corrections

Alix again
she has a toothache, and is by Thomas Crequillon. We
don't have any women who really like singing up above the staff
for any length of time, so I transposed

(If you remember, the last time we met her, she was helping
Martin take his little pig to market
, as described by Sermisy.)
Ravenscroft rounds
There turn out to be lots of Ravenscroft rounds that I have
transcriptions for and have never put up on the site. There are
more coming, but this week, I've put up:

One disadvantage of putting things up before my group plays
them is that we find mistakes that I miss in my proofreading. So
the third verse of the Superius part of Psaume
had a bad underlay problem, which has now been
My own proofreading process found the underlay problem with the
altus part of Alix
avoit aux dens la malerage
after I had put it up, so
if you downloaded it yesterday afternoon, you should probably do
it again.