Ilz ont en mesme temps

I transcribed this 10 years ago, when I knew a lot less than I
do now about how Renaissance polyphony typically worked, and the
facsimile has a rest at the very beginning that makes no sense at
all, and throws everything off.
Thanks to Sarah Mead, I now have it corrected, so if you've
ever downloaded it and wondered how anyone could have written
anything so dumb, download it again -- it's a nice piece.

If my complaints

In general, the underlay for second and subsequent verses in
the Dowland
part songs is completely editorial, and in this
the editor had completely screwed up the word order.
I'm not claiming it makes a lot more sense the way Dowland or
his lyricist wrote it, but I believe it is now the way it was written.

Polls for the store

There's been more activity in the store lately,
so I've been more inspired to do work on adding more items to the store.
I've just added two poll questions to the sidebar. If you
think you might be willing to pay for book versions of the content
of this site, please answer the questions.
Obviously, the reason for the first question about what you'd
like to see next is to see what people might be interested in

My Prime of Youth

I originally transcribed My
Prime of Youth
from an edition which included the work In
deep distress
as the second part.
There's a performance tradition of performing these two
together, but that isn't the way Mundy published them. The
Chidioch Tichdale poem "My Prime of Youth" has three verses, and I
wanted to see if the other two work with the music Mundy

Pieces now listed by last modified date

When I redesigned this site two years ago, one of the pieces
from the old site that got left out of the first implementation
was a listing of pieces by date last modified.
I don't know how many people ever used it, but I found
it useful when someone found an error that I was sure I had
On the new site, I've been really good about telling people
when I put new pieces up, but quite unreliable about blogging when
I fix things. So now if you have an old download that has