The Norumbega Harmony

Now in print! THE NORUMBEGA HARMONY presents more than one hundred choral compositions from "the Golden Age" of the New England singing school as well as thirty contemporary compositions from the current revival. The collection is both an expression of the American singing school tradition and a documentation of the Norumbega Harmony community's experience in it.

THE NORUMBEGA HARMONY is a songbook of this community's music. Represented are works by America's earliest composers, the itinerant New England singing masters whose schools were the principal form of music education in the Early Republic. The music is vigorous and strikingly original. From four-part hymns called "plain tunes" and lively "fuging tunes" with independent lines for each part, it ranges to complex and inventive anthems that achieve the highest expression of the New England singing-school style.

THE NORUMBEGA HARMONY is set in shape-notes, and includes copious notes and indexes.

Contents, alphabetized by tune name.

Collected by Norumbega Harmony, edited by Stephen A. Marini, published by the University Press of Mississippi, ISBN 1-57806-611-5.

Available at singings in Eastern Massachusetts and nearby conventions. For more information send email to To order by mail, print and fill out the order form (PDF 64k) and send it with a check or money order to our Cambridge mailbox.
Credit card orders are handled by Country Dance & Song Society or by The University of Mississippi Press

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