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// // Byrd, William (1540 – 1623)

Pieces by Byrd, William (1540 – 1623)

Come to me grief foreverByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI5
From Virgin's womb,Byrd, WilliamPDFMIDI5
I have been youngByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
I. Lord in thy rage rebuke me not (Psalm 6)Byrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
In Crystal TowersByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
In Nomine IIByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
In Winter coldByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
Lullaby my sweet little babyByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI5
O Lord my GodByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI4
O Lord my God (up a step)Byrd, WilliamPDFMIDI4
Rejoice, rejoiceByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI4
Sing ye to the lordByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
Sing ye to the lord (original key)Byrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
Susannah FairByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
The eagle's forceByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
The greedy hawkByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
The greedy hawk (transposed)Byrd, WilliamPDF3
The leaves be green,Byrd, WilliamPDFMIDI5
The NightingaleByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
This sweet and merry month of May,Byrd, WilliamPDFMIDI6
Upon a Somers dayByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
Who looks may leapByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI3
Whyle that the SunneByrd, WilliamPDFMIDI4

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  1. Xavier Verhelst
    Posted July 25, 2012 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    Thank you very much for the Ruffo scores.
    I made similar transcriptions of the complete Ortiz Ricercadas.
    If interested, I can mail these in PDF, Sibelius or midi format.
    Best regards,

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