Bicinia, sive cantionis is the book Eric Haas of the Early Music Shop of New England recomended to me when I was interested in trying to play recorder from facsimiles. I did actually play the early pieces from facsimile, but I found that most of the people I played with were intimidated by the clefs and ligatures.

Hence this edition. The transcription is from the Musica Alamire facsimile of the 1609 edition of the anthology printed by Petrus Phalesius.

The complete book includes these 14 motets, 12 of which are by Lassus, 29 Fantasias and 4 chansons. The jacket blurb of the original says:

Bicinia, Sive Cantiones, suavissimae duarum vocum, tam divinae musicies tyronibus, quam ejusdem Artis peritioribus magno usui futurae, nec no et quibussuis instrumentis accommodae: ex praeclaris hujus aetatis Authoribus collectae.


Duets, or very sweet songs for two voices, which will be of great use, as well to the apprentices of godly music, as to the more expreienced in that same art; but also suitable for any instruments; collected from famous authors of our day.

These pieces are quite short, so each part fits easily on one page; therefore I didn't make part books. The parts of each duet are on facing pages, so two people can play them from one music stand.

In most other ways, this edition is similar to the Morley Canzonets for two voyces: there are no barlines, the parts are not lined up in a score, the original keys are retained, but transcribed onto treble and bass clefs, and rehearsal letters have been added, but no editorial beaming.




I'm no longer producing hard copy for sale myself. If you can't print it out yourself, you can get a copy place to do it from the PDF. If there's popular demand, I could put the PDF's up at




These are still being transcribed, but what's done can be downloaded:

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