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// // Gibbons, Orlando (1583 – 1625)

Pieces by Gibbons, Orlando (1583 – 1625)

Fantasie VGibbons, OrlandoPDFMIDI3
In NomineGibbons, OrlandoPDFMIDI4
IX. Daintie fine BirdGibbons, OrlandoPDFMIDI5
IX. Daintie fine BirdGibbons, OrlandoPDF5
The Silver SwanGibbons, OrlandoPDFMIDI5
The Silver Swan (down a step)Gibbons, OrlandoPDF5
The Silver Swan (down a third)Gibbons, OrlandoPDF5
The Silver Swan, a round in three partsGibbons, OrlandoPDFMIDI
XII. Now each flowry bancke of MayGibbons, OrlandoPDF5
XII. Now each flowry bancke of MayGibbons, OrlandoPDFMIDI5
XII. Now each flowry bancke of May (down a step)Gibbons, OrlandoPDF5
XIIII. What is our life?Gibbons, OrlandoPDFMIDI5
XIIII. What is our life?Gibbons, OrlandoPDF5

One Comment

  1. Xavier Verhelst
    Posted July 25, 2012 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    Thank you very much for the Ruffo scores.
    I made similar transcriptions of the complete Ortiz Ricercadas.
    If interested, I can mail these in PDF, Sibelius or midi format.
    Best regards,

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