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// // Ravenscroft, Thomas (c. 1590 – 1635)

Pieces by Ravenscroft, Thomas (c. 1590 – 1635)

A round of three Country dances in one,Ravenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI4
As I me walked in a May morningRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI4
Banbury AleRavenscroft, ThomasMIDI4Drinking Songs
Come, drinke to mee,Ravenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI4
He that will an alehouse keepRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI3Drinking Songs
Hey down//Woods so wild//grey nagRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI4
Hey down//Woods so wild//grey nag (down a third)Ravenscroft, ThomasPDF4
Hey Ho, nobody at home (3 parts)Ravenscroft, ThomasMIDI3Drinking Songs
Hey Ho, nobody at home (5 parts)Ravenscroft, ThomasMIDI5Drinking Songs
Hey hoe, to the greene wood, A Round of 3 VoicesRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI3
Jolly ShepheardRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI3
Now God be with old SimeonRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI3
O My fearefull dreamesRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI3
Of all the birds.Ravenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI3
Oken Leaves, a Round of 3 VoicesRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI3
Psalme 147.Ravenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI4
Psalme 23.Ravenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI4
Psalme 91.Ravenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI4
The NightingaleRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI3
There were three Ravens sat on a tree,Ravenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI4
Three Blinde Mice, A Round of 3 VoicesRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI3
To PortsmouthRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI4Drinking Songs
Ut, re, mi, faRavenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI
We be Souldiers three,Ravenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI3
We be three poor Mariners,Ravenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI3
Willy prethe goe to bed,Ravenscroft, ThomasPDFMIDI4

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  1. Xavier Verhelst
    Posted July 25, 2012 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    Thank you very much for the Ruffo scores.
    I made similar transcriptions of the complete Ortiz Ricercadas.
    If interested, I can mail these in PDF, Sibelius or midi format.
    Best regards,

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